Wedding Cake 1

The Mad Hat design in three Tiers. Hearts, tulips and beading compliment sharp lines and a smooth uncomplicated finish.

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Chocolate Supreme
Super Mud Cake
Birthday Cake
Super Mud Cake
Angel Cake
Angel Cake
Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake
Harley Cake



14" Chocolate Supreme

14" Chocolate Supreme With dark and white chocolate fencing and horns.

12" Super Mud Cake

12" Super Mud Cake Topped with dark and white chocolate pieces with hearts on wires.

Birthday Cake

9" Super Mud Cake

Decorated with chocolate curls and chocolate shards.

14" Angel Cake

14" Angel Cake Decorated with white and dark chocolate horns.

9" Angel Cake

9" Angel Cake Covered in pink buttercream topped with icing flowers and hearts on wires.



Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Harley Cake