Summerberry Flan

Creamy custard in a sweet pastry shell topped with juicy summer berries and glazed with a raspberry jelly. A scrumptious dessert for berry lovers.

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Special Events

At Sweet Indulgence we produce cakes for any occasion you require like Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christenings. We have skilled decorators that can enhance your occasion into a truly magical event. Cakes from 9" round to 16" square are available. Send us a picture and we can turn it into an edible image.


How to Order

  • Choose your cake flavour from one of our many cakes.
  • Pick a decoration design from the Gallery Pages or if you want another style we will make it for you
    if it's possible.
  • Alternatively leave the design to our skilled decorators.
  • Phone us to place your order and we will also assist you with your cake size requirements.

If you require large square cakes be sure to give us plenty of notice.